Our 2019 event will mark the 44th anniversary of the Nebraska Ecumenical Legislative Briefing Day. Each year the event committee operates under the assumption that living out of God's grace means, at least in part, fighting for justice for those oppressed or in need whose voices go unheard. The organization believes that ordinary citizens can take action on behalf of the disadvantaged by advocating for just laws. The purpose of the day, then, is help voters of the State of Nebraska better understand upcoming legislation in the Unicameral and the effects of that legislation in order that they may advocate for justice through the passage of laws that protect the rights and address the needs of the less fortunate.


To that end, the goals of the organization are to:

  • Provide information about particular concerns we all share
  • Help participants learn how these issues are being addressed in our legislature
  • Call together leadership in various disciplines to share their knowledge and insight about the issues
  • Provide information about how to contact our senators regarding bills being debated and how their passage/defeat might affect us
  • Provide material to share with church groups, family, friends, and neighbors


The committee is supported by the Nebraska Conference Foundation, the Helen Traudt Estate, United Methodist Women of the Great Plains Conference, Church Women United of Lincoln, and Church Women United of Nebraska.